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Personal Injury in Pocatello, ID

At Loveless Nielsen and Loveless, we are here to help you! With over 70 years of combined experience, we'll work hard to find a solution to your legal issue. Contact us today if you have a case in Pocatello, Idaho or the surrounding areas to find out more. Benjamin Neilsen is an Idaho Supreme Court approved Mediator and Parenting Coordinator. Our office handles cases involving:
  • Probates, wills and trusts
Lawyer fixing a probate — Wills in Pocatello, ID
  • DUI
Man drinking alcohol while driving — DUI in Pocatello, ID
  • Corporate and business law
Group of Lawyers — Corporate and Business Law in Pocatello, ID
  • Adoption and guardianship
Woman talking to a lady — Adoption and Guardianship in Pocatello, ID
  • Elder law
Lady seeking for advice — Elder Law in Pocatello, ID
  • Divorce and child custody
Couples — Divorce and Child Custody in Pocatello, ID
  • Criminal and traffic violations
Woman on a traffic jam — Criminal and Traffic Violations in Pocatello, ID
  • Personal Injury
Injured man — Personal Injury in Pocatello, ID
  • Auto Accidents
Car Collision — Auto Accidents in Pocatello, ID